Teas and Chocolates

You don’t need to be a coffee fan to come see us. We also have a wide assortment of teas, and, for those cold days when only a supremely comforting treat will do, our luxurious hot chocolate “à l’ancienne” is available.

Our tea assortment comes straight from the reputable Parisian house "Mariage Frères". Your senses will be overwhelmed with the delicacy of our range of exotic tea flavors and fragrances.

Our special hot chocolate “à l’ancienne” is prepared in front of you, with high grade, real chocolate pearls from one of the best "couverture" houses in Switzerland, suppliers of many of Geneva's luxury chocolatiers. As simple as that. And it may be the best hot chocolate in town.


We prepare our classic hot chocolate with Caotina, the best Swiss instant chocolate powder in the world. Elsewhere, and for exactly the same price, you will be served Suchard powdered chocolate. Of course, it’s pretty decent, but it’s simply not as good. On the other hand, it will have cost our competitors almost half as much per kilo!  Yet another example of mokafe's outstanding value-for-money proposition.