Sandwiches & Salads

Our high quality, tasty sandwiches will satisfy all your sandwich cravings in all occasions during all seasons.

Within our assortment, you will find real English “wedge” sandwiches, carefully produced with selected fresh ingredients. Also, we make delicious ciabattas with real mozzarella cheese and excellent, original bagels.

Enjoy the creative combinations imagined by our master chefs, our generous portion sizes and our superior quality. And, of course, you’re safe in the knowledge that we don’t use any additives or chemicals to enhance or preserve our products.

Did we mention that all our sandwiches can be toasted, for eating in or taking away?

Last but not least, let’s not forget to point out that our scrumptious assortment of delicious, plentiful and original fresh salads is available year-round.


Our real English “wedges” are made using a specific type of delicious whole-wheat bread especially conceived to be toasted and that we import ourselves. In fact, we are the only shop around that makes toastable wedge sandwiches.