Our Philosophy

“We are what we eat”

“We must create places where people can eat fast and well at reasonable prices”
E. Priarollo – Founder


Modern life is stressful. Too many things to do, too little time. It’s become usual to get three different chores done during lunch break, and people increasingly seek sandwiches and salads to grab on the go. But must we sacrifice quality in the name of speed and convenience? Why should we have to choose between good and fast?

At Mokafe, we have decided to follow the path of freshness and wholesomeness, the path of true quality. Because it’s the only way to protect our health and our well-being over the long run. And we believe that it is possible to provide high quality at affordable prices. That’s why, for example, we have adopted the self-service method: you do part of the work, it reduces our costs, we re-invest the extra margin in ensuring that we always use the best possible ingredients in our products. That said, quality has, and will always have, a minimum cost which cannot be lowered. So if the question is “Will I find cheaper elsewhere?”, the answer is “Yes”. However, if the question is: “Will I find such a high quality at this price point?”, the answer will be “Certainly not”. We are probably the best value for money you will find anywhere.