Our Coffees

We use some of the best Italian coffee beans available. Prepared in our lovingly maintained machines by our rigourously trained personnel, we extract every last bit of aroma, flavor and strength that we possibly can. Making a good espresso is a true craftsman’s job.

With that small marvel, we can then prepare a wide variety of satisfying concoctions. From the frothiest cappuccinos to the smoothest lattès in three convenient sizes (piccolo, medio, grande), hot or cold, to drink in-house or to take away. That's all fine and well you'll say, but what makes you unique? Our exclusive recipes, based on the purest Italian coffee making tradition, produce an unctuous experience, a sense of comfort and a degree of satisfaction that other coffee shops will simply not be able to deliver.


We use straight roasted coffee, as opposed to coffee that has gone through a sugar roasting process.  Only top quality coffee goes through straight roasting, since sugar roasting uses not only sugar, but also other flavor enhancers to hide an inferior coffee's imperfections.  How do you spot the difference?  Straight roasted coffee has a lighter brown, matte tone.  In contrast, sugar roasted coffee is darker and shiny, as the sugar caramelizes around the grain during the roasting process.